Book Corner

Looking for something good to read?  Check out some of these awesome books about women pilots! And a few about male pilots, too!

Recommendations from Nancy:

  • DAUGHTER OF THE AIR, by Rob Simbeck. It is the story of Cornelia Fort, WASP (Atlantic Monthly Press)
  • WEST WITH THE NIGHT, by Beryl Markham (North Point Press)
  • FINDING AMELIA, the true story of the Earhart disappearance, by Ric Gillespie (Naval Institute Press)
  • ZERO THREE BRAVO, by Mariana Gosnell (published by Alfred A. Knopf) (a wonderful read)
  • SISTERS IN ARMS, British and American women pilots during WWII, by Helena Page Schrader (Pen and Sword Books Ltd, Great Britain)
  • WIND IN MY FACE, by Gladys Dawson Buroker (ISBN 0-9658675-0-1)
  • UPON SILVER WINGS, by CarolAnn Garratt, a 99 in Ocala, Florida. This is the true story of CarolAnn's tribute to her mother who died of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2002. CarolAnn flew her Mooney solo around the world in 2003 to raise awareness of the disease that claimed her mother's life. All revenue from the book and CarolAnn's speaking presentations goes to the ALS Therapy Development Foundation for researching a cure for the disease. "UPON SILVER WINGS" is an exciting and inspirational read for anyone, but especially pilots. To order an autographed copy, send a contribution of $35 ($40 overseas) to ALS-TDF, 215 First St., Cambridge, MA 02142, Attn: J. Oken, and write Silver Wings in the memo line of your check. Phone/credit card orders: Call 617-441-7270. (donations over $25 are tax-deductible).
  • THE SKY'S THE LIMIT, Wendy Boase. This is a wonderful vintage book of "lively, anecdote-filled account of the world's leading women flyers". Published by Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. in 1979, it covers an International era of flight by women pilots beginning with the pioneers of 1910-1928 and ending around 1943 (ISBN 0-02-511970-2, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 79-88341).
  • SPINNING THROUGH THE CLOUDS, TALES FROM AN EARLY HOOSIER AVIATOR, by Max Wright. Order from the Indiana Historical Society (put "aviation" in the search box). What makes this book especially interesting is that it takes place at Indiana towns and airports, many of which are no longer in existence. Seat-of-the-pants flying!!
  • FLYING NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, ARTIC TO THE SAHARA, A biography by Captain Terry Reece, published in 2007 by iUniverse, 2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512., 1-800-288-4677. This book is a wonderful read, packed with adventure and an amazing and eye-opening look at aviation from the frozen north to the heat and heart of Africa! Not to be missed by anyone who enjoys reading about the real world of being a bush pilot, cargo pilot, and airline pilot.
  • A DANCE WITH DEATH, by Anne Noggle, former WASP. This is a collection of first-person stories by the Russian women pilots who flew combat planes during Soviet Russia's epic struggle with Nazi Germany. These courageous women pilots are among the unsung heroines of this century. Their stories and the extreme hardships they endured in defending their country in a time of war are a testament to the strength, abilities, and spirit shared by women everywhere. (Texas A&M University Press)
  • FLYING FOR HER COUNTRY, by Amy Goodpaster Strebe. This is the story of the American and Soviet women military pilots of WWII, and a contribution to the history of aviation and the role played by women pilots. It is meticulously researched and an excellent read. Even those who are familiar with the WASP history will discover new bits of information in this book. (Potomac Books, Inc.

Recommendations from Rene:

  • WEAVING THE WINDS - EMILY HOWELL WARNER, by Ann Lewis Cooper (published by 1st Books) Learn about what made Emily Howell-Warner the ideal person to open the airline flight deck to women everywhere.
  • NOTHING STOOD IN HER WAY - CAPTAIN JULIE CLARK, with Ann Lewis Cooper (Women in Aviation, Intl.) Everyone has heard of Julie Clark, but how much do you really know about her? She overcame incredible challenges to have a successful career both as an airline captain and as an airshow performer. 
  • ON WINGS OF TRUST - THE QUEST OF PILOT CAROLE LEIGH, by Maynard Poland (Leisure Works Writings) Carole was one of the first Navy pilots, and as you would expect, she was not welcomed with open arms. A couple of things stand out in her story - while there were a number of men that did everything they could to make her fail, she didn't, and there were quite a few men who supported her fully. The second thing that stood out was that the early women Navy pilots were very isolated from each other. As 99s, we know how valuable the support from other women is.
  • AARDVARK MEMORIES, by Lisa Stout (Xlibris) A novel! Written by a female airline pilot, about a female airline pilot! This story is really a novel within a novel, and it really grew on me as I read along. This is a story of four strong women, one fighting cancer, one suddenly blind after a horrible accident, a women homeless for most of her life, and a young woman orphaned as a teenager. See what circumstances bring these women together, and how their friendship makes them all stronger.
  • FLYING TIGRESS, by Norah O'Neill (Ascending Journey Press) Norah was the first women hired by the Flying Tigers, and this is part the story of being the first, part the story of everyday life as an airline pilot, but mostly the story of a very courageous woman.
  • THE WORLD AT MY FEET - THE TRUE (AND SOMETIMES HILARIOUS) ADVENTURES OF A LADY AIRLINE CAPTAIN, by Meryl Getline (Lorrie Press). You just have to read this book to believe it! Meryl started flying in the 1970s, with the goal of becoming a United Airlines captain right from the very start. Never mind that most people considered that impossible for a woman in those days. The underlying theme from this book is that Meryl did whatever it took to find a way to make her dream a reality. Her creativity and persistence may very well be unmatched. Her story is both remarkable and inspiring. This book is highly recommended!
  • TOUCHING HISTORY - THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE DRAMA THAT UNFOLDED IN THE SKIES OVER AMERICA ON 9/11, by Lynn Spencer (Free Press). I have generally avoided references to 9/11, even to the point of changing channels or radio stations during advertisements for the Flight 93 movie... So, I was not excited about a 9/11 book. Except that this one had been recommended by a couple of people I trust, and for the fact that it was written by an ExpressJet pilot. I was put at ease almost immediately when she stated that part of her motivation for writing this book was that pilots seem to have had a harder time moving past the events of that day than others. What she did was interview pilots, controllers, FAA personnel, members of the military, airline personnel, and others that were involved on that day. She then wove those stories into a comprehensive account of that terrible day, told by the people that were there. I would strongly recommend this book for anyone that has struggled to come to terms with the attacks, or simply wants to learn more.